Dear Catholic Campus Ministry Community,


As the situation regarding the coronavirus continues to evolve we wanted to make you aware of steps we are taking to address it.  I know this time of uncertainty is frustrating and we hope to support you in every way we can.  In particular we want those who are sick with the coronavirus and those who care for the sick to know of our prayers.  We are reminded of the care that Jesus offers to the woman he meets at the well.  It is in that same loving way that we continue to pray and care for those most in need and isolated during this pandemic. 


Our colleges and universities have communicated with their students, staff and community members about the steps they are taking to contain the spread of this virus.  Our ministries will strive to work alongside their schools and to cooperate with the guidelines that are put forward.  Additionally, the Diocese of Richmond has set forth guidelines which can be found here:  


Our goal as a ministry is to continue to support our students during this difficult time.  We will be working to adapt aspects of the ministry so that we can continue to walk beside each other in faith even at a distance.  We are dedicated to providing continued access to Mass and Confession.  We will be utilizing different methods to connect to students who are far from campus.


Please know of the many prayers for you during the coming weeks.  We pray for your health and that you may be at peace.  Please reach out to your campus ministry staff if there is anything we can do to further support you.  In the coming days ministry websites will offer updates specific for each ministry.




Andrew Waring
Associate Director for Campus Ministry
Office for Evangelization

Catholic Campus Ministry at VCU                 20 N. Laurel Street Richmond, VA 23220