Letter From The President

Welcome to Catholic Campus Ministry at VCU! Or, if you haven’t joined our group yet, at least let me welcome you to our website. My name is Colleen, and I would like to take this small corner of the internet to type out some words of encouragement, affirmation, and a bit of information about CCM - all for you, free of charge. 


If you’re a VCU student, I’m sure you’ve heard of President Michael Rao’s ONE VCU Master Plan to take over the whole Richmond area (If you haven’t, please look it up because it is as wildly Bond villain-like as it sounds). Now it’s MY TURN to unveil the ONE CCM MASTER PLAN. Let me explain. Last year we had a transitional year from one CCM house to another* and worked through what a CCM leadership could accomplish and what we still needed to work on. This year there will be new faces in the CCM House and in the Parish, we will even have a new parish priest at the Cathedral. Luckily for us, the future is not uncertain at all because we have Jesus at the heart of everything we do as a ministry, and He alone is unwavering and faithful. 



1. Faith. Jesus is the core of our ministry, and every day is a new day to recenter yourself in Christ and to show that inner light to our VCU community. That sentence is all fine and perfect to say in writing, but what I’m saying is that we need to be radical. Jesus asks us to follow in his footsteps of radical love and generosity towards ourselves and others. Each school year is a challenge for every student, and this year will be no different. The real difference comes from how we as a Catholic community choose to worship God every day and rediscovering the love for our faith that lead each of us to join CCM. 


2. Renewal. It’s a new year: we have a new house, a new campus minister, and a new parish priest. Not to mention all of our new members! While I was originally a bit unnerved about these sudden changes, but I realized that when God renews, He renews completely. We are so blessed. How many times in your life do you get to truly start over? Which is why I propose we take this opportunity to really look at our community, our programs, our inclusivity, and how we are caring for our community. How can we really love our neighbors as ourselves, and love ourselves in a fulfilling way? If you are interested in shaping how Catholics talk about divisive issues and interact with our VCU community, join us and make your opinions heard. 


3. Unity. It’s cheesy so that’s why I’m the only one who consistently spouts this slogan, but CCM is our home away from home. I’m proud to be the President of one of the most diverse and inclusive Catholic campus ministries in Virginia. We know that our strength comes from hospitality and our welcoming atmosphere, and we want to invite you to join us - no matter where you are on your faith journey. You are welcome to stop into the CCM house at any time, find our next CCM event on Facebook, or join us at Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.


And to my loyal CCMers reading this, as we act as Christ by caring for our community and welcoming in the next wave of freshmen, let’s not forget to care for ourselves. You cannot fully respond to the needs of others if you are not caring for yourself first. Let’s talk openly about how to practice TRUE self care this semester, not just getting yourself an Insomnia cookie and crying a little (that’s valid too though). I love you guys and I pray for you every day. 


Love, Colleen Connolly

VCUarts class of 2020


*New address: 20 N Laurel St Richmond. Stop in anytime, it will be cleaner this year if I have anything to say about it and I DO. 

Catholic Campus Ministry at VCU                 20 N. Laurel Street Richmond, VA 23220